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Besides selling light sport aircraft and powered paramotors, AeroSport also provides aircraft and vehicle detailing services. Owner, Jeremy Knoll, has owned a successful detailing business for over 23 years.  Jeremy, a Private Pilot himself, understands the need to keep a clean and airworthy aircraft.  Also having the Light Sport Repairman Maintenance certificate issued by the FAA, Jeremy pays close attention to detail when it comes to maintenance and upkeep of aircraft.  Having his extra set of eyes over your aircraft will surely be a great benefit as he can point out any issues he finds during the detailing process that may require attention.

Rest assured that AeroSport will treat your aircraft like one of their own! 

Price List:

Basic Exterior

Soap wash and hand dry exterior of aircraft.  Clean exterior windows. Dressing of tires

Paint Polish

Wax using variable speed orbital buffer on all painted surfaces.

Interior Only

Clean and condition seats, clean carpets, condition panel surfaces, window cleaning, Q-tipping, air freshener.

Belly Degrease

Degreasing and cleaning of aircraft belly. 

Spinner Polish

Polishing spinner for oxidation removal, bug removal and corrosion protection. 

Aluminum Polish 

Polishing all aluminum or metal surfaces for oxidation removal and corrosion protection. 

Gear Degrease

Degreasing and cleaning of aircraft gear (intended for retract gear). 

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